Instant Predictive Care

Remotely monitor and assess cardiac,

respiratory and sleep health

Monitor vital statistics in real-time for timely data analysis

Early detection of disease or risk of major health event

Immediate notification when readings move to risk zone

Gain clear actionable insights to cardio, respiratory and sleep health.


SomnoMetry is a FDA cleared Artificial Intelligent/Machine Learning (AI/ML)-based Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) that automatically scores sleep study results.

SomnoMetry SaMD employs a broad array of signal processing, data indexing, conventional machine learning and deep learning algorithms/approaches in PSG signals to derive actionable clinical insights.


CardioMetry is a cardiovascular AI/ML software for continuous monitoring personal vital signs and biomarkers including blood pressure, heart rate variability (HRV), blood oxygen (SpO2), vascular well stiffness, atherosclerosis, stroke, respiratory rate, microvascular blood flow conditions, autonomic and vasomotor functions etc.

Photoplethysmography (PPG) is a low-cost medical grade optical biosensor technique used for detecting blood volume changes in the peripheral circulation that contains abundant personal bioinformation and provides meaningful insights into cardiovascular and respiratory health.


Universal Health Waveform Cloud

Universal Health Waveform Cloud is used for:

Analyzing the individual health related data collected from wearable/ambulatory devices

Gaining actionable insights of sleep, respiratory and heart health from the patient-generated health data

Predicting and diagnosing by investigating patients’ physiological data and biomarkers

Improving personal health by longitudinal data learning and predictive analytics

Waveform AI/ML APIs enable healthcare application developers to develop new clinical ready applications in respiratory, cardiac assessment and monitoring, clinical study and research, as well as sleep evaluation and diagnosis.


Neumetry is a pioneer in personalized predictive care using the Universal Health Waveform (PPG, EEG, ECG, PSG, EOG, EMG etc.) Cloud to turn heart and sleep data into health intelligence for remote monitoring and diagnosing.


Make personalized predicative care accessible and affordable by discovering the power of physiological signals.



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